Monday, June 30, 2014


I was excited with joy when I heard from baggout that my blog was one of the top 500 Indian websites. Thanks to them.

In return to that, I had to write a post on hypothetical online shopping experience. I have selected Rajani Kanth as my character for this post.

Rajani Kanth is known for his style in his acting. He had to plan to do shopping for his daughter’s marriage for all his relatives. He was aware that it would be more time consuming to buy for 200 people roughly.

In his dream, Shivaji Ganeshan, other great actor appeared and the conversation began:

SG: Why you do look so pale?
RK: I am becoming old and for my daughter’s marriage I wanted to buy clothes for all my relatives. Isn’t it a tiresome task? What should I do now?
SG: O thailava, when I can shop from heaven for all of us through online, why don’t you do that?
RK: But in online also I need to login to different websites and then do the transaction, right?
SG: Nope, now baggout is one place where you can do shopping from more than 1000s of stores viz., Jabong, Flipkart and so on.
RK: Wow, is that so, but I guess there might not be any offers right?
SG: There are many discounts, promotional offers in variety of products. Just try it now.
RK: Thanks a lot. You made my day. I will do that right now.
SG: Chalo, enjoy maadi.
RK: (after doing shopping) Oh, I did it in my style, sitting at home and shopping with my laptop for 200 people. I had a wonderful fun.

Yes, in this busy world it’s a great work from baggout to provide many brands, many online websites under one shelter. Login to baggout and win exiciting gifts and offers.