About Me

Location: Bangalore, India
Graduated: Bachelor of Science (Comp. Science) affiliated to Bangalore University
Started Blogging in 2009

Working as Team Leader - QC, in Software Testing team in NDS, India.

I started blogging as there were few posts in my son's Kintergarden book with good recipes. Later on, started adding my own recipes, which I do once in a week.
Wanted to remember ingredients to make recipes so started scribbling into this blog. 

I am still a baby in cooking. :).

Favourite Dish: Sweets, Savouries and Chappati

All Time Addictions:
a. My Blog
b. Cooking & a quick photograph of my recipes
c. Projects in NDS (my workplace sh..........)
d. Gmail

Current Addictions:
a. Facebook
b. Linkedin - (search for Hemavathi Murari)
c. Baby Center Website

Previous Addictions:
a. Pay Per Link
b. Pay Per Post
c. Cbclick
d. Orkut, Myspace, hi5 - many social networking sites
e. Own website - successful events