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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AndhraPappu & Awards

Andhra Pappu:

Pappu is famous in Andhra Cuisine. This is made up of Dhal and it is thicker than sambar. It can be made by adding any vegetables and also from tomato. It is also called as “mudde pappu”.

RidgeGourd – 500 gms
Onion – 2 big (chopped)
Tomato – 2 big (chopped)
Green Chillies – 6 nos
Turmeric Powder – 1tsp
Coriander Seeds Powder(dhaniya powder) – 1 tbsp
Oil for frying
Salt to taste
Curry leaves – few
Cilantro – few for garnishing
Toor Dhal – 2 cups
Mustard Seeds – 1tsp

Heat oil in a cooker pan
Add mustard seeds, once it splutters, add curry leaves
Put the onion and fry them till they become transculent
Cut the green chillies into two halves vertically and add them also
Add Ridgegourd and fry them for sometime
Add tomato and fry them again
Add toor dhal, turmeric powder and coriander seeds powder mix them well
Add crystal Salt to them
Keep it for 4 to 5 whistles
Once cooled add cilantro/coriander leaves and add some more water (if reqd) and allow them to boil for 2 mins.
Serve it hot with rice or chappati or pooris


Award Time:
I see nowadays lot of users visiting my posts, thanks to all of them. As I have seen awards getting restricted to 5 on many bloggers sites I am passing on this award to 5 of my friends (but believe me it was difficult to select 5)

  1. Aarthi – author of Yummy tummy
She is my inspirer who has successfully posted 400. Her Crispy food is nice to be followed. Thanks Aarthi.

  1. Chandrani Banerjee – author of Cuisine delights
Once I just publish my post, I will immediately find her comment on it. Thanks Chandrani for all your comments which make me feel high.

  1. Lata Raja – author of Flavours & Tastes
Thanks akka for motivating me with your moral support.

  1. Priya Suresh – author of Easy n Tasty Recipe
I am inspired by her comments. Again she is just in time to read my post and pass a comment towards it.

  1. Saraswathi Iyer – author of Sara’s Corner and Sara Food Events
She was my first inspirer. By seeing her blogs I started writing on to my blog.