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Monday, March 9, 2009

M.V.Kamath, Journalist

A photo taken in "The Cosmos Cafe", which is a 3 Star Hotel in Manipal. The 60+ yrs old man, whom u can see in this photo is Mr.M.V.Kamath, who was the greatest journalist during the freedom fighters time (1940's).

It happened so that I went to a trip from my office (NDS) and stopped at Manipal, near Mangalore for a dinner around 7pm.

We found 3 sofas and ran to catch them to give a pose for photo. Next to us, Hotel Manager of that hotel was speaking to a man.

During that time, manager introduced us to this great man as "Do you know who he is? He is Mr.M.V.Kamath, journalist during the time of freedom fighters".

Mr. M.V.Kamath is a very simple man and soft in his speech. I found him as a very friendly person too.

This post is just a small gift for him.

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