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Friday, February 17, 2012

Marie Biscuit Coffee Chips – BM#13 - Day 2

Marie Biscuit Coffee Chips – BM#13:

Shock by the name, does it look strange like me? Ha, ha Readers, I told the actual name of the chips what I named it. I am not sure if you have come across it or not but I am sure you would have come across Choco logs. While I was searching for what can be made out of cocoa and icing sugar on the other day I came across a post called Marie biscuit - Chocolate logs. I was surprised and clicked here. Recipe was quite interesting and innovative; sometimes to make children eat you should try different things with the same old ingredients else they will say “aiyoo, my mom cooks the same dish everyday”, my first son Aditya, passes this comment without even a second thought.

In the morning I thought of getting carrot to office and then do carrot chips here. But as the time passed by due to my little son I had to rush to catch my office cab at the last moment. So I was just thinking what to prepare, if I go and ask one carrot the shopkeeper will look as if I have gone mad. If I take more I don’t know what to make from the remaining except cook mix with rice and eat. Time passed as the training is on in office and I felt in the afternoon to eat something let me cook in the oven a beautiful chips. I took rusk and went into my pantry but as they itself were crispy I thought it wasn’t a good idea. Then this chocolate logs appeared like a bright screen in front of my eyes. So thought let me put my hands on to it.

Marie Biscuits – 8 Nos
Coffee Powder – 1 tsp
Milk – ¼ cup
Sugar – 1 (it was less in sweet so advisable to add 2)

Break the marie biscuits into small pieces (as small as possible)
Put it in a microwavable cooking box
Pressed “tea with milk” in my office coffee machine I got ¼ cup of milk
Added coffee powder to the milk and mixed well
Pour the mixture on to the biscuits and mix it well

Take a small heap and make it into desired shape
Keep it in oven for 6 minutes
Remove it and add the crispy rusk along with it and munch it