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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Eggless Vanilla Cake:

Eggless Vanilla Cake
Adi, Photographer
New Bike
Thanks to Lord who once again bestowed good time on us. This December we brought 5 new things viz., Black colored Sony Cybershot for me, Blue colored Bicycle for my first son – Aditya, Red colored walker for second son – Aadya, Black colored Sony Home Theatre for home, Blue colored Avenger for my hubby. To remember this sweet moment, I made Pillsbury Eggless Vanilla Cake using Cooker. This is the first time I am making cake, hence opted for a cake mix.

Aditya, who will be hooked to TV most of the times, was the photographer and chef who helped me to make it out a success. Sh… you know what, I wanted him to come out of TV world and involve in some activity. -:)

Only 3 things are required to make Pillsbury Eggless Vanilla Cake – Mix, Steam and Serve. It is a cake powder mixed with wheat, vanilla, sugar and other ingredients.

  • Mix the powder with 2 spoons of oil, and 100 ml of milk and prepare a batter. Batter should not be thick or thin, it should be medium.

Mix + Oil + Milk
Spongy Cake
Cake + Gems
  • Take 5 inch vessel grease it with ghee/oil in the bottom and sides.
  • Pour the batter spread it across the greased vessel.
  • Take the cooker pour water till 1 inch and immerse a stand which is about 1 inch.
  • Keep the greased vessel with batter on the stand and allow it to steam for 30 minutes.
  • Keep cooker open for another 5 minutes and allow the smoke to escape.
  • Pick a spoon and keep it in the cake and check if it comes out without sticking then the cake is done.
  • Garnish with gems 
My Event - Christmas New Year 2011 Eve.

I am pleased to send this to my own event – Christmas_NewYear2011 Eggless Cake with a slogan: I love eggless cake because I could steam it using my cooker without taste variation. It was too spongy than baked one.

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Submitting this to:

It gives me a surprise and also made me happy to see Celebrations 2011 event on Tastebuds. Happy because I am revisiting my post, surprise because it such a great event which made me to revisit my post. Yep, posting new things is only not important, revisiting them is a great thing. Thanks to Smitha.

 Unique Award:  

Last but always on the top of my list, I would like to thank Events-n-Roundups which is maintained by Siri author of Cooking with Siri, Valli of Cooking 4 all seasons & Spice Your Life. Events-n-Roundups is a one place to find many ongoing and completed events. Food bloggers can make use of this blog to find rich number of events and to bring traffic to their place. I am passing an unique award to this blog smile from my little one, Aadya. Reason is because of him I am learning so many recipes in kitchen.