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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Advantage of being in one school for 10 to 12 years

Might be, you would have been surprised by seeing this title.

I am a live example for a student studying in different schools at different places but in same city.

I did my lower and upper kintergarden, and primary classes in Assumption English Primary School, near Rajajinagar opposite to ESI Hospital. We were staying in Prakashnagar during this time. Mom was a house wife.

In 1986, my mother got into a school named Krishi Bharathi English School which was part of Adarsha Educational Trust. Then we moved to Hebbal in 1987, an outskirt of Bangalore during that time. Hence, I lost contact with all my friends, whom i am still searching but in vain. I lost the good teachers I had around me. My favourite teacher was Nirmala, Carona Joseph. But couldn't find them again till today. Lost a physical contact with six cousins who were with us in Rajajinagar, because everyone would be busy with their own school, college.

From 1987 to 1991, I did my higher secondary primary and high school classes (5th to 8th) at the same school where mom worked then joined a different school. Again lost the contacts between good teachers, and friends.

1992 and 1993 did my high school classes (9th and 10th or SSLC) in Sharada Vidya Niketan,
Malleswaram. New teachers, travel distance (from hebbal to malleswaram - 12 kms) all were factors which made me weak in my studies. Completed my school in 1993 and joined the same junior college but at Vijayanagar. Again the contact between friends got lost.

After completing my junior college in 1995 joined Degree College in R.T.Nagar, again lost the contacts between friends.

Thus, inspite of having desire to keep in touch with friends and teachers I could not succeed.

May I, its advantageous to study in one school from kindergarden till SSLC or junior college due to following reasons:

  • Teachers are second parent so they understand us better and communicate among other teachers. This would be helpful for our studies and adds value for our identity.
  • Friends for ever, yes friends will be in touch for ever.

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