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Monday, October 31, 2011


I am very delighted to see events happening in various blogs. More people are getting connected with each other due to these events, even from different cities, remote corners of the world. 

I feel its great to see the world come closer with friends through various things, here are few of them:
Christmas is nearing, most of us are becoming busy in practicing Carols, Sending invitation for Get-together, planning to go for a long picnic accompanying two or more families with your mobile kitchen. 

During this time, I am eager to held my second event called - "Christmas NewYearEve 2011" which would end by 31st December 2011. Recipe is Eggless Cake.  

Click here for first event.


    Complete the slogan "I love eggless cake because ...". This prize is apart from recipe prize.

  • Please do send me any number of entries to the event.
  • For a successful entry to the contest, each entry must include logo and it must be linked to this page. The format should be:
          Your Name
          Blog Name
          Recipe Name
          Recipe URL
          Recipe Picture         
  • Non bloggers can also send me their recipe along with its photo and a subject line "Christmas_NewYearEve_2011 at Hema's Blog" to my email
  • You can participate in slogan contest also which is as above said. Its not a mandatory.
  • Afraid to say that, archived items are not allowed in my contest.
  • Duration for my event is from 1st November 2011 to 31st December 2011.
  • Kindly link to this event page and usage of logo is better as it spreads a word.
Prize is Microwave Bowl.

Recipe Prize winner and Slogan Prize Winner would be announced on 2nd January 2012.

Winner, kindly acknowledge within 3 days of the time with your complete postal address before it reaches the other participant.
Friends, kindly make this event a grand success. 

One more  news: You can send in your same cake entries now to Pari's event. Do check it out here.