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Friday, January 20, 2012


Green Gram Dal - Fruits Salad:

Today is an ultimate day. So many things to complete it today. As there is a saying "Things which have a deadline apart from that day itself is called important things, but on the deadline day it would be urgent thing". 

a. Tax - Today was the last date to submit all papers for Tax.
b. Children - As Aditya has not picked up with his heath still and my little son, Aadya is not at all sleeping properly tough time to manage to sleep and early in the morning rush for a breakfast.
c. I ended getting up late today but i thought i can cook sundal from green gram dal in the morning and soaked it overnight. :(. You know what thanks to office admin who has kept microwave in office. This was done using the same.

So, ended up with fruits + green gram salad, it turned out to be good, healthy and delicious.  This is my 5th day recipe in blogging marathon.

  • Green Gram Dal - 1 cup
  • Milk - 1 cup
  • Sugar to taste
  • Some fruits

  • Cook green gram dal in a microwave with milk (i know it is preheated but don't what's it is 195C or so on). 

  • I tried it out for 2 minutes and again increased to 2 minutes, finally to one more minute. As I have burnt two small boxes I doesn't want to take any chance with microwave. I have used a melamine cookware, which was available in office.

  • It was half cooked for 5 minutes, so i added sugar and kept it for one more minute.

  • Finally added fruits (musked melon, papaya and yellakik banana/banana which is small; yellakki means cardamom)

  • Today is my 5th day without lunch in the afternoon and staying only on cookies and today it is salads. Reason I have put on more weight and want to reduce.

While i was preparing this, one of my friend came and said you should use a sprouted one, because non-sprouted one might increase gastric. :)

I gave to my friend and found out, she gave a comment usually green gram salad is had with vegetables. :)

My comment: It was good to eat and I feel filly after eating a box full of this.

Let me implement the first comment from next time.

Submitting this to:Blogging Marathon @ Spice your Life by Srivalli

I am feeling so good today that I could keep up my promise atleast for few.
  • Promise to a colleague: My colleague asked me to come in saree today, i promised her "yes" yesterday. If you would have read my earlier comments you will definitely think how is this managed. I came in dress to office and changed into saree in rest room, because our office has a big space for us to get ready in our ground floor rest room. :) looks funny but at times could be managed.
  • Promise to my blogging marathon group/readers: Definitely I will come with a post on "Seven Delicious Dal".
  • Promise to my Christmas-NewYearEvent prize winner, Archana Toshniwal.: Unfortunately I don't know which courier to use to send gifts to people in remote places. I tried with DTDC and sent the consignment in 1st week of jan but it couldn't reach the person and came back to me only yesterday. Today again I have sent with Professional Couriers. Hope so it will reach her and she will feel happy.
  • Promise to myself to file up tax: Atlast I could complete it today.
  • Promise to my hubby: Will shop bedsheets for him, completed.
Hence, I told today is an ultimate day.