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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Star - January 2012

January 2012:

This charming, young, dynamic lady is called as Saraswathi Iyer who was born and brought up in Bangalore currently settled in Singapore with her lovely family. Today she is a mom of 3.5 years old son.

Saraswathi was my first inspiration to write my blog. I subscribed to her blog  - simplysara07 thro' email and peeped each post to learn how we do cooking, which I used to do only at times after marriage for first few years. 

She has been blogging since 2007 but passively and became active from 2008, i guess I am sure of the dates. Currently, she manages this blog with her wide range of vegetarian traditional Indian and International cooking with Baking recipes too. She has written more than 400 posts in her blog. While her other blog Sara's Events and Roundups is about events run on her blogs and other blogs (who intimates her)
It gives me a great pleasure to thank her as Star of my blog for this month Jan 2012, hence passing this lovely award to her. No rules set up to the award.

She has also been featured in Nithu’s Kitchen in Today’s guest page.

Recap - Jan 2012

Recap - Jan 2012 @ Hema’s Vantagadi:

I started blogging this month with a change which made me to come up with 22 posts out of which 1 is just a link.

I peeped into Jan2012 Events and bookmarked each one into my bookmark toolbar. Once in a day, I used to check this folder and was eager to participate in the events. But I couldn’t make it up for few.

Lessons Learnt:
  • Different varieties of sweet
  • Pageviews, friends will increase when we participate in events. Hence make it an habit to participate in maximum of events.
  • Remove word verification during group events
Total Pageviews in January - 4095
Highest Pageview: 23rd January - 671
Adsense: Removed adsense this month in my blog
Google friends list: Increased from 30s to 56 as on 31st Jan.
Google Readers: increased from 30s to 91 as on 31st Jan. (subjected to vary based on the deletion of bookmarks.)
Template: Template was changed on 30th Jan. New template is FooDeluxe from Premiumbloggertemplates.
HTML Work: Made the pages not to show and edited the links to each page manually.
Blog Name: Changed my blog name from Hema's Blog to Hema's Vantagadi in last week of January 2012

Non Event Post - 1:

A dog's willpower

Event on my blog: Double Celebration – Wedding Anniversary on Feb 14th and Blog Anniversary on Feb 23rd. Due to this I have an event called “Murari-Anniversary Giveaway” and the prize is Embroidery pillow cover. This started from Jan 5th and will end on 29th Feb. So far I have got 4 entries in the event.

Events I participated:

Event Participated
Event Link
My posts
Remarks (if any)

Weekly Series

Black & White – Weekly Series
Susan @ The Well Seasoned Cook

Weekend Herb Blogging

Event was started by
Kalyn and it has been continued by Haalo.


Fortnightly Series:

Blogging Marathon
It’s held last two weeks of the month.

First Week:
16th Jan to 22nd Jan – Seven Days of Delicious Dhals

Second Week:
23rd Jan to 29th Jan – Kid’s Delight Something Sweets.

Almond Bread Golls

Monthly Series

Blog Hop Wednesday – ver 2.0 – Group Events
Radhika @ Tickling Palates

Partner: Nayna Kanbar

Sweet Heat Bloggers Challenge
Michelle @ Food, football and baby
Started By: Vanilla

MLLA Series
Claire @ chez cayenne
Started By:

Kids Delight

Kavitha Iyengar @ Edible Entertainment
Started By:

Almond Bread Golls

Cook Eat Delicious Desserts

Suma Gundlur @ Veggie Platter

MEC Series
Kalyani @ Itsnot madras
Almond Bread Golls

Bake Fest
Pradnya @ Pumpkinfarmfood
Almond Bread Golls

Breakfast Club
Aimée @ Food, Je t'Aimée

One Time Events:

Chocolate Events
Sravani @ Srav's Culinary Concepts

Reshma @ Daily Cuppa

Srivalli @ Cooking 4 all seasons

Walk through memory lane
Gayathri @ Gayathri’s Cook Spot

Let’s Cook Rice
Radhika @ Tickling Palates

Banana Event
Dr. Sameena Prathap

New “U”

Cooking Challenge – Flavour of Tamilnadu

Vidhya Subramony

Cooking with Love
Saraswathi Iyer

Lets Cook with leftovers

Nayna Kanbar

Cooking with Leftover Kitchen Chronicles


Celebrations – 2011 a flashback
Smita @ tastebuds

Awards & Appreciations:
I got a “Happy Blogger Award” from Teena Mary and I am passing it to all of these people whom I am following in January 2012.


Blog Name
Following Since
Kachuss Delights
Srav's Culinary Concepts
Daily Cuppa
Aromatic Cooking
Nagalakshmi V
Edible Garden
Taste of Mysore
Cool Lassie
Pan Gravy Kadai curry
From my kitchen to yours
The Well-Seasoned Cook
Chez Cayenne
Santosh's Kitchen
Palakkad Cooking

Tribute: I am following Amu's Crazy world from 30-Jan-12 after I heard from a fellow blogger about her sad demise as a tribute to her.