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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Soup & Dessert & Awards to my friends:

A complete lunch according to me should start with a soup and ends with a dessert, because I like it that way. J It would not be wrong if I say I don’t know how to make a soup, hence I browsed famous sites like taraldal, sanjeev kapoor site as these were listed on the top in google. But was afraid to make it and ended in making up tomato soup with a readymade instant soup – maggi soup. Same with gulab jamoon so done it using swastik gulab jamoon mix.

Maggi started with noodles and today they have variety of products. One among them is tomato soup. I bought 100 gms powder. It’s a readymade powder, just add 4 glasses of water and leave it to boil, add butter but I added ghee to it.

Swastiks is a famous FMCG. Even they have variety of food products. I got 100 gms gulab jamoon mix from my father-in-law in last week and it was the dessert I picked it up for this Saturday, 3rd Dec.

Prepared thin sugar syrup out of 600 gms of sugar and added water on one of the stove burner. On the other burner I just kept oil for deep frying and made small dough out of the mix. Made small jamoons and deep fried them in oil. And add jamoons to the sugar syrup once they got little warm.

Unfortunately instead of jamoons they turned out to be dry jamoon as the sugar syrup became very thick. The next day I used that syrup to do kheer.

Awards Time:

It is not good to restrict to 5 bloggers when I follow and I have been followed by few bloggers. Hence, I am extending this award to other 5 bloggers.
  1. Divya Vikram – Dil Se
She is one of my early inspirers, a friend. I learnt a lot during my initial blogging from her blog. Thanks Divya.

  1. Jacquline - Tinned Tomatoes
She used to list events right from the beginning when I started blogging, a very good inspirer and early friend of my blog. Thanks Jacquline.

  1. Radhika Subramaniam – Tickling Palates
Host of “Winter Carnival” event and given an opportunity for me to explore many savories during this Winter. Thanks Radhika.

  1. Anu – Anuzhealthy kitchen
Host of LGSS event gave me an opportunity to find more on Tomatoes which we use in each and every dish. Thanks Anu.

  1. Kavi – Edible Entertainment
I was attracted to her blog due to the name from facebook. Her famous post mosaru kodabale made me to follow her blog. Thanks Kavitha.