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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Dear Readers,

Belated Pongal Wishes.

Spouse is very special person who comes into our life after a wonderful union called as marriage. A person who will be with us to share our joys, sorrows, feelings and most of our life. 

Are you wondering why I spoke about Spouse in this post? Absolutely, its my new event called "Cooking with Love - Spouse", which is a guest host event started by Saraswathi Iyer @ Sara's Corner.


1. Post any vegetarian recipe from starter to desserts between Jan 15th to Feb 15th 2013 with this event announcement. 
2. Please link your entries below, and if you have any problem do drop in an email at with your entry.
3. Non-bloggers too can participate in this event, send in your recipe by email to me with a photograph.
4. Archived entries are accepted only if you repost with this event announcement. Multiple entries are accepted.

Feel free to leave your comment. Let us check out who were involved in other Cooking with Love Series.

Looking forward for your support and participation. 



Sunday, January 29, 2012


Puri Urandai:

I couldn’t believe myself that I could make a sweet that fast. Thanks to the Blogging Marathon team and to the host who started this, that’s none other than Srivalli of spicingyourlife.
Today being the last day of second week of Blogging Marathon, I am glad to say that I have learnt very good sweets which can be made with less or more time. Thanks for my family and friends who had been very supportive.

Thanks for all the exciting comments which made me jump high on the air.

Puri Urandai is made up of beaten rice and jaggery. I was shocked to see this sweet getting ready just in 10 minutes and I cooked keep my lovely little angel my little son on my hip and then do this, but needed help of somebody while making it rounds. This is a must sweet made by Tamilians during “Karthika Deepam”.

  • Beaten Rice – 1 1/2 cup
  • Jaggery – 1 cup
  • Cardamom Powder – 1 tbsp
  • Poppy Seeds – 1 tbsp
  • Chopped Coconut – as you desire
  • Fried Gram Dhal – as you desire

  • Put jaggery and water in a thick bottomed vessel to make jaggery syrup.
  • When you feel the syrup is almost ready put a drop into a small cup/vessel which has water, you should be able to make a round or small dough.
  • Once you are able to make, add cardamom powder and poppy seeds.
  • Pour it into the vessel where your beaten rice is ready along with fried gram dhal and chopped coconut. Watch out it would be hot, make your hand wet and start mixing dry ingredients with jaggery syrup.
  • Keep it on a plate, take a snap, and eat it with family members.

Submitting this to:Blogging Marathon @ Spice your Life by Srivalli
This also makes an entry to
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