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Friday, October 28, 2011


Diwali is a festival of lights. I remember the small story about this festival.

Story is as follows:
Once the SUN asked all the other sources of light, when I set, who would give the light to the world. Everyone was in immense silence, then a small diva light said in his low voice, i would be happy to give the light after you set. That's the reason, today we all lit small diva(s) in the night and early in the morning during Diwali and Karthika masam.



  • Through Google search page I came across Kirthi's Kitchen, which is also hosting Diwali contest, hence sending my recipe. Thanks to Della's Page also to host this event.


Besan Laddoo & Khara Boondi is my sweet and savory for this time Diwali.

Besan Laddoo:

  • Fried Gram - 250 g
  • Sugar - 300 g
  • Cashewnuts - 50 g
  • Ghee for frying - 100 g
  • Cardmom Powder - 2 tsp
  1. Powder fried gram, sugar in food processor / mixer
  2. Fry cashewnuts till golden brown and keep them aside
  3. Heat ghee and add powdered mixture and cardmom powder, fry them till you get a nice aroma
  4. Add cashewnuts also to the above mixture
  5. If required add milk and make small balls
 25 to 30 balls can be made. Serves: 4 to 5.
Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 10 mins

Khara Boondi:
  • Corn Flour (Kadala maav / flour made from fried dhal) - 250 gms
  • Salt - 4 tsp
  • Chilli Powder - 2 tbsp
  • Oil for frying - 100 gms
  1. Heat oil in kadai
  2. Mix corn flour, salt and chilli powder in a vessel using water. (The mixture should be medium neither thick nor thin)
  3. Use the same vessel where you filter the extra oil when you do sweets or pooris and pour the mixture. Spread the mixture throughout, such that they fall from the small holes.
  4. Remove the boondis once they are golden brown
  5. Repeat step 3 and step 4 till you complete all the mixture (Salt and chilli powder will vary according to one's taste)
  6. Once done, remove the oil
  7. Add little oil and put curry leaves and mix it with boondis
Serves:  4 to 5
Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 15 to 20 mins

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