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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paneer Chips - BM#13 - Day 1

Paneer Chips – BM#13:

Hey blog readers, did you check the date today it is 16th of the month, so, what’s the special? Don’t be surprised it’s once again the time of blogging marathon. 18 bloggers are in this week and 24 are in next week while last month it was 15 and 23. It will be interested to see the new groups in every blogging marathon each one is unique. To watch out the groups in this months’ blogging marathon, just visit here. For previous entries, please click here

I am in the group of making “Seven days of Chips” along with Preeti. “Chips” not the Microsoft ones, but the one most of munch just to pass our time like snacks. Chips will use very few ingredients and they are crispy it can be either salt or sweet. It is made up of vegetables and fruits.

I checked my mails in the morning and found “finger chips” or “French fries” published by Preeti. It immediately stroke to me about the Paneer Fingers, which I used to have when we used to go for dinner/lunch along with friends or hubby. Due to training I was waiting for my lunch time, when it was up, I quickly had my lunch in 5 minutes (a dhal rice) and ran to the nearby food store called as food world. Checked out I could get “Nandini” Paneer. Nandini is very famous dairy farming unit in Karnataka originated from Karnataka. I checked if I can get 100gms of Paneer because I thought it would be more, but I could get only 200 gms. Thought it would be more, surprisingly when I started munching I realized it was just over in very short time.

Paneer – 200 gms
Salt – to taste
Pepper Powder – to taste

Cut the paneer into small fingers/cubes (actually I should have done it long fingers itself)

Put it into a oven and leave it for 6 minutes, till you see a brown one (u know my style of heating it in a oven right leave it for 2 minutes and check how it is then again leave it for 2 minutes and check, 2 minutes and check)
Mix well with a kitchen knife or a fork and sprinkle salt and pepper nicely on it and again mix it
Leave it for another 4 minutes
Paneer Fingers is ready, put it into a bowl and munch it

You can also use salt and chilli powder to spinkle on paneer and have a different taste