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Saturday, March 31, 2012

DayPlanner-27thMar2012-Tuesday-Jeera Candies

DayPlanner-27thMar2012-Tuesday-Jeera Candies:

Aditya had completed his exams on Monday and fully prepared to go in flight alone for the first time. This was the first time in my family a child traveling alone. Whole family was afraid but we did not have any other alternative. He was also afraid and said all his friends that he was traveling alone in flight. 

Flight was Jetlite and it had a one hour stop at Chennai. From Bangalore to Chennai it was one hour and from Chennai to Vishakapatnam it was one hour. So total of 3 hours was his travel. 

My mother-in-law who just traveled on 24th informed me that we would not get anything good in the flight. She told there was only sandwich and did not taste well, this is what happens if we don't taste different food. Aditya is also the same he carves for South Indian food and shows his face if anything new has to be tasted. He had dosa with paneer curry in airport as we were running short of time due to traffic jams and the repair of runway from 11th March to 30th April as per the circular put up in airport.

I went and filled up a form (which would be 3 in number) and paid 1000rs to the Archana, air hostess, attender for my son. She was an air hostess in jetlite flight who would make him to sit inside the flight. She collected the forms from me and took Aditya along with his check in baggage into the airport. I stood there waiting for him to sit inside the flight and then tell me "momma i am safe".  But once he went just till check-in I called him and asked is the check in over, he said yes. I asked him to give it to her and told her to buy one ice cream and sandwich for him. She did that and my son finally boarded the flight. I found out this once his mobile was switched off. I was there till 10am to check if he will give a call but no luck.

Coming to one of my favorite recipe, Jeerige (kannada word) Peppermint or Cumin Candies which I started liking from my childhood days. Wondered always how to do this, might be its too difficult. But came across this post, heartburn on Indian food rocks. I had this in a big wishlist of mine. 

Amchur Powder - 2 tbsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 tbsp
Powdered Sugar - 8 tbsp
Lemon Juice - extracted from 1 lemon
Salt to taste

Roast the cumin seeds on a iron pan until it darkens but watch out it should not get burnt
Allow it to cool for sometime
Blend roasted cumin seeds along with amchur, and salt and 6 tbsp of powdered sugar
Mix it well with lemon juice, check the tangy taste it should taste like a candy so adjust with sugar if required
Instead of getting a mass it became slightly fluid, I kept it under the hot sun (as it is summer) after sometime it had become a thick mass
I made the different shapes (you should patience to make the small tiny balls into shape) because this little mixture will yield you nearly 100 candies
Roll it well in remaining powdered sugar
Leave it to dry for half a day and store it in an airtight container

As this was ready before aditya's departure expect for drying under sun Aditya tasted one and shook his head by closing his eyes and told momma, it tastes like peppermint. Thus, a long awaited cumin candy is ready at last.