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Friday, June 5, 2009

Love in Friendship Enemity is LIFE.

"Love In Friendship Enemity", in this line put the first letters, join them and read it is Life.

First of all, listen and analyze whatever your opposite person tells you, wait for a moment think and then answer them. You have built a relationship with them. That person would feel you are good.

Person can be anybody - your parents, in-laws, team mates, managers, children, strangers and so on.

Give up anger and wear a smile, this is the best thing to taste the sweetness of life.

When you wanted to tell something and impress others in a group, first understand their mood bring their attention towards you and reveal it. Definitely you have won the hearts of the crowd atleast 80%.

When you are angry on somebody don't show them be in an immense silence, that would make others understand.

This is how I have learnt tasting the sweetness of life.