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Monday, February 23, 2009


Hi All,

Childhood is a first episode of life. From our age 0 to 12 years. Which is followed by the sweet teenage, then the adolescence and finally the old age, which can also be termed as retirement age.

Many of us, feel that we have lost our childhood. Days which gave us the sweetest memories for the entire life. I too fall in this category, when I see my son the Little Master, Aditya who is going to be 5 years old on May 5th 2009. But sometimes I feel, the childishness is still hidden in us, and at times it gives us immense pleasure when experienced.

This is just my first blog to begin with.

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I want to go back to the time.

When "getting high" meant enjoying on a swing.

When Drinking meant apple juice.

When Dad was the only Hero.

when Love was mum's hug, When Dad's shoulder was the highest place on the earth.

When your worst enimies were your siblings.

When only thing that could hurt were wounded knees.

When the things broken were toys and when goodbye meant only till tomorrow.

Unfortuntely we have changed so much n so has everything else.