Thursday, April 19, 2012

Orange Iced Cold Tea

Orange Iced Cold Tea:

Today is the 3rd day I could keep up my marathon. I was searching through the net for today's recipe yesterday and found Sunkist website and found many recipes on fruits.

As I had orange at home I selected to peep in at Orange Recipes. It emerged out with few recipes out of which I took Orange Iced Tea.

Orange is a citrus fruit and its orange in color. -:). As I have used Orange peel to make this tea I found a note on wikipedia which goes like this:

Orange peel
Although not as juicy or delicious as the inside of an orange, the peel is edible, and has been consumed particularly in environments where there is scarcity of resources and where maximum nutritional value must be derived and minimal waste generated (for example, on a submarine.) The peel of an orange has increased vitamin C and fiber. However, high concentrations of pesticides have been found in orange peels. Some organizations recommend that one should only consume the peels of organically grown and processed oranges, where chemical pesticides or herbicides would not have been used on the peel. Orange peel contains citral, an aldehyde that antagonizes the action of vitamin A. Therefore, anyone eating orange peels should make certain that their dietary intake of Vitamin A is sufficient.

Now the story of making it:

a. As you see I have 2 oranges whose skin are peeled with a peeler.
b. I have put the peeled skin into a glass which I have used to make tea.
c. I went into pantry and took 2 glasses of water and put it into the glass along with "Chai - Cardamom Tea" dips - 4 numbers and  
sugar - 4 sachets each weighing 5 gms 
d. I have taken milk and ice cubes in two more glasses
e. From pantry i came back and put the ice cubes after an half an hour of putting orange peel and tea bags.
f. I dipped and removed the bags and put the ice cubes it into the glass
g. Actually it has to be covered :( I have to use my purse to cover it and left it till 2pm
h. Tasted the tea before adding milk and found the sweet was less so added one more sachet of sugar weighing 5 gms
i. Added the cold milk and it tasted great

You all would have come across teas viz, masala tea, plain tea, lemon tea. I felt this is just one more addition to that list.

Thus I have made my third day of marathon.
Irina Mikitenko - Germany
Source of this picture is Zimbio -

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Look so Awesome......thanks 4 linking this wonderful recipe with my events....waiting 4 more wonders :)