Thursday, February 23, 2012

4th Year Birthday - Banana Halwa

4th Year Birthday:

Happy Birthday "Hema's Adugemane". Hurray, you are turning 4 today. 

Flashback: My first post was on Childhood which I wrote on 23rd Feb 2009. My second post was on Advantages by studying in one school and how we can have our friends from childhood. The next 3 posts were on any forwarded mail which I got and I was inspired by them. From the 6th post I started posting recipes from my son's KinderGarten English Text book which had good recipes on left and on right there was lessons and poems. Once the recipes in the book got over I did not understand what to post, so I started by writing recipes on this blog. Thus this blog became a "food blog".

Once I posted Shraddanjali to my beloved hero/actor, Dr.Vishnuvardhan the traffic started towards my blog. I took a break from Aug'2010 to Aug'2011 and was back in Sep'2011 when the page hits were just 7k+. My heart was literally broken due to less traffic.

I started posting in my blog and pasting the link in "n" number of pages in facebook. In Dec' 2011 I had an event for Christmas and posted its roundup in Jan' 2012. In Jan' 2012 I participated in Blogging Marathon conducted by Srivalli Jetti in her blog Spice up your life, this gave a new life to my blog and today the hits have reached 15k+ and increased the readers to 89. Thanks to all of you.


On this birthday, hence I am presenting you with Banana Halwa. This Halwa was published in "Swathi", a weekly magazine and my beloved hubby told me to try recipes which were there in that book.

Banana (riped ones) - 2
Ghee - 2 tbsp
Sugar - 4 tsp
Cardamom Powder - 1 tsp

Chop the bananas into small pieces and blend it in a blender/food processor/mixer.
Heat ghee in a kadai and add grounded banana into the ghee
Add sugar and cardamom powder and mix well
When the ghee leaves the edges of the kadai, and grounded banana would have taken brownish color remove it from the stove and pour it on a greased plate

My favourite song in dedication to you all, on this birthday.


Banana halwa looks delicious and yummy.

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halwa with banana. awesome i would like to try it and hema. reading ur story here seems to inspire me now. i had started with random posts and now i have more topics on food related than random. perhaps i would take a cue from you and continue in same way..

Congrats on completing 4 yrs of blogging, and a nice way to celebrate it, yummy halwa..

kuch mitha ho jaye......